Spices and other!

As many know – I absolutely love experimenting with different types of cuisines along with the different spice combinations. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. My last experimenting involved replacing the sugar in my Brownie recipe with dark honey. On paper it sounded great but the end result was completely different! It was absolutely disgusting! So I recommend not trying or maybe just with light honey. Something that isn’t too harsh.

Which got me thinking. What kind of spices do I like to use? For the most part I like to stick with Paprika (hot and sweet variants), Basil, parsley, ginger, Saffron for Paella and not to mention a whole assortment of dried hot pepper spices. I always believe that food should have a little kick to it. It helps bring out the flavours of the food. Of course I also use Steak / chicken spice mixes. Sometimes you need something quick that works.

So what kind of spices do you use?

p.s: The photo shows Cocoa, Hungarian sweet paprika and a steak mix spice.

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