A different kind of pad thai with Cabbage

One of my favourite aspects about chicken pad thai is you can make it as spicy as you like without ruining the overall flavour. The following recipe is based off what I have tried in downtown Montréal. It is probably not exactly what they used however; the result was still fantastic.

The recipe is not an exact science as you are more than welcome to experiment. No two times have I made the meal I used the exact same amount of ingredients as the time before.  As it comes down to what you like. For me, I prefer my pad thai to fight back!

Rice noodles
Green peppers (sliced small pieces
Hot banana peppers (sliced small pieces)
Chicken (chopped and sliced in small pieces)
Cabbage (chopped cabbage) or peas
Bean sprouts (chopped)
Nuts (optional)
Hot chilli oil or olive oil (2 tbsp.)
Hot chilli sauce
Chilli peppers
Hungarian Paprika
Soya sauce

Prepare all the ingredients before cooking (everything cooks quickly). Boil a pot of water for the rice noodles. In a wok, add some olive oil along with the bean sprouts, and peppers. Add a dash of hot chilli oil as well. Cook over medium to high heat. After two minutes, add the chopped chicken. Add some chilli peppers and Paprika to taste. Next, once the rice noodles are done add them to the wok along with the cabbage (or peas). Add the hot chilli sauce and soya sauce. Stir and mix until everything is cooked. Add the nuts.


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