Oven baked French Fries

Crispy, delicious French fries are the heart and soul of many kitchens. A perfect flavour, appearance and odour is bound to put a smirk on your face when you say, “Yes I made those”. Unlike frying the French fries on the stovetop, this recipe uses relatively little vegetable oil.

Large potatoes (More you peel the more fries)
Vegetable Oil

Peel, and cut the potatoes in evenly shaped strips. Fill up a pot of water and place the potato strips in the pot. Let soak for roughly 20 minutes or so. This helps release some of the starches and helps with the colour. Drain the water out and pat dry the potatoes strips. Add oil, salt and pepper onto the potato strips. Place onto baking sheet and into oven (450 degrees Fahrenheit) for 40 minutes. Turn over the potatoes every so often when needed. Therefore, each side darkens.


This is a trick I learnt while making las patatas bravas, a Spanish tapa dish that is popular in Spain. Add hot paprika while soaking the potatoes in cold water.

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