Paella con Chorizo

Several of my friends have requested an updated paella recipe of the one I wrote last year. The great thing about Paella is that any mixing of vegetables, meat, seafood works with this dish. So it is a great way to empty your fridge of any ingredients. Thus, it doesn’t matter what you used to make the paella but the way you prepare it. Below are the ingredients I generally used however you should feel free to experiment and then post your results in the comment section.

boneless chicken

Green, yellow, red, Caen pepper (or any other hot pepper)
Tomatoes (red, pink etc.)

Spanish Saffron (Don’t buy the American saffron. It does nothing)
Hungarian hot Paprika
Smoked Paprika
Chilli peppers (or fresh chilli peppers)
Chicken broth (homemade or bought)
Black pepper

Medium grain rice (Preferably a 3-1 water ratio).

Olive oil

It’s always best to use a paella pan however if you don’t have one then use something like a creuset that can cook on the stove top and then go into the oven. For the purpose of this recipe though it will be with a paella pan.

Warm up your barbecue, and place the paella pan on the grill covered in olive oil with crushed garlic. Place and spread the onions over the pan and santé them for 5 minutes or so. While that is happening, mix the water with the broth, paprika and saffron. Next add the peppers and tomatoes and let cook until soft. Sprinkle smoked, hot paprika as well as any other spice you may have on hand over the paella dish. Add the meal. Mix everything together. Add the peas. Next pour the rice in a straight line from top to bottom, and left to right. Like a + . Lastly add the broth mix with the saffron. Stir around for a few seconds and let sit until done. How long it will take depends on the rice used and how hot the barbecue or stove is.

Enjoy and serve with lemon.