Corn and other Fresh produce

One of the many great things about summer in Quebec, Canada is the fresh produce you can get from the local farmers. Everything from Corn, peppers, potatoes and not to mentioned the great tasting berries!

However, the one thing I always enjoy about this season is the sweet corn I can get from my grandparents’ and uncles’ farm on 1431, boulevard Cité des Jeunes (450-455-4144). It is known as Ferme Mergl to the local public.

Some things to do know about corn:
1. Corn only keeps fresh for 24 hours. Afterwards the sugar content (sweetness) drops considerably.
2. There are many varieties of sweet corn. Ferme Mergl usually has 11 varieties, two colour corn every year.

There are many different ways of cooking corn however here are two methods to try

Method 1:
Cooking sweet corn in a pot of boiling water:


Heat a pot of water of sufficient size to boiling temperature. Add the corn. Once you start smelling the corn then the corn is ready. (Make sure you peel the leafs off first)

Method 2:
Barbecue the corn

Soak the corn in water for about 15 minutes. Start up the barbecue and heat it to the same temperature you would for cooking hamburgers. However, with this method, you do not husk the corn until it is done cooking. Rotate the corn every so often until done. 8-10 minutes.

If you have other methods you like to share then do not hesitate to do so.

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